I am Leanne, I am a 22 year college student. Unfortunately I’m in my 5th year here at Farmingdale State College but luckily graduating this semester. (TIP: Don’t do to Farmingdale! and if you do HOUND the advisors) I am in the STS program, I know what is that? STS stands for Science, Technology and Society however, the major has nothing to do with any of that. I have taken classes in business, sociology and physiology with the hopes to better understand the way people work and what they want so in the business world I can be the best I can be. I have hopes of being an Event planner because I am a sucker for love stories and weddings. Literally, I am extremely sappy when it comes to a good love story, engagement and love to see people happy. I used to work weddings at my old job and fell in love with it so hopefully my dream comes true. Speaking of falling in love, I have a boyfriend for the past year or so that I absolutely adore. He is everything I asked for and more. We both were in relationships before and they ended horribly. When we met each other we just made each other laugh and smile for the first time in a long time and we haven’t stopped doing so since. He even puts a smile on my face all through my work days which is hard to do. I work full time at a Physical Therapy office handling insurance information, authorizations and normal front desk responsibilities for about 500 patients.It is a lot with school but I have been there for a lost 3 years now and the crazy people I work with are pretty much like brothers and sisters to me. Now with my hectic life I have had to learn balance and making time for the things I love. It is a lot working, 9 hours a day and going to school for 12 hour days sometimes and making time for family, friends and my boyfriend. My passion is the gym and adding time for that hasn’t been easy but in this blog I am going to give some advice on how to get through some workouts.


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